about me”

My photography work consists of digital, film, old and new. I document an idea or come across a new one, looking for people, places and everyday life as we see it.
I use my own interests, concerns and presumptions to make and compose a series and image. Moments of something and nothing, familiarity and vulnerability, portraying intimacy with a place that the viewer has not seen and may not of heard of. I love colour, what it brings and what is seen with in it, what it gives to a normal subject and area and ultimately what it becomes with colour.
I do not put all my photographs in my galleries and titles, so if you are interested in seeing more than please let me know.
I am available for commissions, exhibitions, lectures and chats.


Studies –

Currently Study my MA at Gloucestershire University
DET (Diploma in Education and Training)
BA hons photography from Birmingham City University
A level Photography

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