Over the easter period I visited the beautiful country of Cuba. After reading that import and export might become more apparent within the country, I wanted to visit before these measures (may) come into place and before it may lose some of its charm and character.
Yes it full of cars and colour but the main beauty of the country is the people. They make the towns and streets tick, sitting outside, painting, decorating, fixing, trading, working or just chatting. Havana is more than a million people over populated and you cant help but bump in to the people, but not in a bad way in a beautiful way of their friendly charming selves.
My style of photography is to document an area, a place an environment, usually without the people as I like to keep the viewers imagination going of who, what and where?
But visiting Havana, Vinales and Trinidad within Cuba I could not help document the people within a street photography and portrait style. Alongside documenting the area without the people, looking to document the area and describe and show its beauty.
One other thing to mention is that Cuba is just getting the internet and wifi areas; these can be seen within my photographs; they are found in busy squares and apparently are for just tourists use.

I hope you enjoy,

Peace x