A Monday visit to a British seaside town; Skegness. Documenting the place, town and atmosphere. Away from having loads of people in my photos/project I want to describe the place I am visiting without the people but portraying the people and atmosphere through my photographs.
A 7.30 start got me and my friend josh (tagging along for the talk of fry up, fish and chips and of course the beauty that is Skegness). We arrived about 10.45 and the weather was a bit dull and grey but there was some heat in the air and we knew the sun was going to burn through those clouds (fingers crossed for the shoot/project and we both had shorts on).
We parked up at Fantasy Island and walked through the maze that is Fantasy Island, a fantasy that I have never wished for but instantly fell in love for, for my photography project. Fantasy Island was a mixture of an amusement park, food court and to grab all your house hold items; bleach, condiments and of course your 2XL-6XL t-shirts.
As we came out the other edit we stopped for a quick healthy breakfast; 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 toast, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. All cooked in coconut oil and a big side of greens.
We then hit the colourful, magical and electric arcades, making £10 last about 4 minutes. As well as the lights, games and the people, the carpet was the big one for me; a colourful pattern that you didn’t know whether to love or hate (I loved it).
As we came out our eyes suddenly had to adjust to the change back into natural light, we walked down to the beach. The beach was rammed, tops off, tattoos out, kites up and the sea was swimming.
We walked down the promenade for about and hour and half (I did that thing where you look at a map and think that’s not to far to the pier and the centre of the town).
The pier wasn’t as big as I first thought; the arcade took over the most of it. A walk around the small amount of pier and then into the arcade, and a walk around more amusements on the promenade and back around to the bottom of the pier we found 'Lucky Strike', famous for its arcades and popped in to explore the 3 floors of arcades, restaurants and games.
A small discussion with my friend we had no intention of walking the hour and half back and instantly saw the ‘1’ bus to Fantasy Island, with a pocket full change we jumped on and attempted to take a seat, the bus wasn’t busy it was the fact that we were 3p short and bus driver wouldn’t let us on? Luckily there was about 4 people and their families that we willing to give up 3p to help us out.
The small bus ride took as pack to Fantasy Island and we walked back up to the car stopping at a house to see what bags of goodies this elderly was selling. Then starting our drive back to the Midlands. I stopped the car twice to look back at Skegness and take a few landscapes of the British Seaside town.
All in all a great day and a brilliant time looking back and editing my photographs from the day.
Enjoy the first edit and comment if you want to.
Peace x
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